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Awards & Rankings

Payment card ranking published by the "Rzeczpospolita" daily in the supplement Moje Pieniądze (my money)

On 27 June 2002, the "Rzeczpospolita" daily published the "Payment card ranking" in its supplement "Moje Pieniądze" (my money).
In the debit card category, the winner was VISA Electron issued by Fortis Bank Polska SA.

Below is the report from the supplement "Moje Pieniądze" (my money) and the ranking tables.
Full ranking is available in the "Rzeczpospolita" daily on the Internet.


Paweł Blajer

Payment card ranking

Visa Electron card issued by Fortis Bank is the best debit card. The winner among debit cards is Visa Classic Deutsche Bank 24 while Visa Classic and EuroCard/MasterCard of Bank Przemysłowo-Handlowy PBK are the best credit cards. These are the payment card ranking results we presented for the first time.

Cards, which took a leading position in each out of the six rankings we prepared, are the best products in their categories. They have recieved the majority of points granted for all estimated qualities. From the wide range of bank offers, we also decided to select cards with special advantages in terms of specific customer needs. Even though they are not always the top ranking products, we reckon they are worth recommending.

When you're doing big shopping

Our best recommendation: Visa Classic and MasterCard by BPH PBK (credit cards), Visa Classic by Lukas Bank (credit card)

BPH PBK credit card is the best solution for someone who is not always capable of repaying their entire debt at the appointed time set by the bank. Interest rate on the debt resulting from the use of such cards is much lower than when using similar cards offered by the competition (with the same interest accrual method). The card costs PLN 75 a year. It allows you to spend PLN 15 thousand a month.

Lukas Bank's card will better suit customers who always pay their entire debt at the appointed time - a maximum interest-free loaning period lasts 50 days. The card will cost you PLN 59 (e-Account Pro holders will get it free). A maximum limit for non-cash transactions is PLN 10 thousand.

Credit card holders should use it to pay in stores. It is better to not withdraw money from ATMs with it as you will end up paying a high commission, not to mention that interest will be charged on the debt incurred. Debt interest rate on BPH PBK cards - in the case of cash transactions - is even 5 p.p. higher.

When you often use other ATMs in Poland

Our best recommendation: Visa Electron by Fortis Bank (debit card)

If you tend to withdraw money from ATMs owned by other banks or institutions more often than three times a month you are recommended to open the e-Package account at Fortis Bank. The Visa Electron card issued along with this account will allow you to take cash from all ATMs without commission.

The maximum limit for ATM transactions is PLN 5 thousand but non-limit options are also available. The card is issued free of charge, however PLN 1 handling charge and PLN 7 fee for account maintenance is paid on a monthly basis. To open an account one needs to assure that minimum PLN 300 will be credited to its account a month.

When you're going to use other ATMs on your holiday

Our best recommendation: Maestro by Citibank (debit card), Visa Electron by Millennium (debit card)

Consider applying for the Citibank's Maestro card before leaving for other Euro zone countries, whereas if you plan to head to the States, we recommend applying for the Millennium's Visa Electron. Cash disbursements made by such cards will be charged a fixed commission, irrespective of the amount withdrawn. In Citibank, commission is PLN 4 while Millennium charges PLN 3.50.

Both cards are issued with the account (you must first open it). A daily ATM withdrawal limit is PLN 1 thousand for the Millennium's Visa Electron and PLN 4 thousand for the Citibank's Maestro (PLN 10 thousand for CitiGold prestigious account).

When you do not have a credit card or a revolving credit facility access within your personal account

Our best recommendation: Visa Classic Deutsche Bank 24 (debit card)

To get it you simply need to have a personal account opened in Deutsche Bank for at least 3 months and a monthly credit to your account equal to PLN 1 thousand. PLN 49 will be charged for the card issuance (new customers may get it with the PCK (Polish Red Cross) logo at half the price). A monthly ATM/POS transaction limit is PLN 15 thousand maximum.

Transactions are cleared once a month (on the 5th day of each month). On non-cash transactions the bank charges a 1% commission, on cash withdrawn from Deutsche Bank 24 and Euronet ATMs - 2.5%, however, not less than PLN 4; transactions made in other ATMs - 2.5%, however, not less than PLN 6.

The card is very safe. The Bank assumes liability for transactions (over PLN 200) from the moment the card was reported lost or stolen (this does not apply to the transactions where PIN code was used). The card is offered to the customers who, for different reasons, may not take advantage of a revolving credit facility within their checking account (ROR) or a credit card (e.g. because of insufficient income).

When you often take cash from the Euronet ATMs

Our best recommendation: Visa Electron by mBank (debit card)

It is issued free of charge with eAccount and eMax account. Customers do not need to pay for account maintenance. There is, however, one disadvantage - limits. Maximum three transactions a day may be made at ATMs with a daily limit of PLN 1 thousand. The card may prove to be very handy during your holiday as you may take cash from the Euronet ATMs without commission - there are plenty of such ATMs in the Polish towns and cities and various tourism places throughout Poland (Euronet installs additional ATMs for holiday months). Please remember that you will be charged commission for using Euronet ATMs situated by the Millennium branches.

The offer addressed to Web users

Our best recommendation: Visa Electron Inteligo (debit card)

It is issued free of charge. It costs PLN 0.99 a month to use it. The card may be used to make payments by Internet (not only) – the bank charges no fees for such transactions. Users should always have at least PLN 99.99 in their account so that they do not have to pay PLN 4.99 for account maintenance.


Source (article): "Rzeczpospolita" of 27 June 2002, the supplement "Moje pieniądze" (my money)

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