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Awards & Rankings

According to BusinessWeek, the loan facilitating EU subsidies acquisition is the best financial product of 2004

According to the report published on 9th December 2004, Business Week put the Fortis Bank's loan facilitating EU subsidies acquisition in the so-called Year's Portfolio. Prize winners were chosen in a three-stage selection process. At the first stage, 50 surveys were sent to the banks, insurance agencies, investment funds, etc. At the second stage, products and services selected through surveys were evaluated by independent experts. At the third stage, editorial staff reviewed candidates in terms of their market credibility and financial results.
The loan facilitating EU subsidies acquisition is a part of a broader project carried out by the bank: "In the European Union with Fortis Bank". As part of the project, entrepreneurs may expect that the bank employees will advise them with what aid program they should choose, when and where to submit applications for EU assistance and - if necessary - how they may finance the remaining part of the investment with that loan. The strong point of Fortis Bank's credit facility within EU aid funds is that customers may entrust the preparation of their request for subsidy to a specialized consulting agency recommended by the bank.
Fortis Bank organizes European Meetings for SME sector. Such meetings are held in the whole country, in the cities where Fortis Bank has its branches. During the meetings, the entrepreneurs take part in the presentation of EU aid programs; get acquainted with relevant conditions and procedures when applying for reimbursement of investment costs. At the end of such meetings, participants are given the following Fortis Bank's informational materials: Guide on SME aid programmes, Entrepreneur on EU market brochure, and the book "Millions for Poland or how to get EU subsidies".
Now, entities applying for EU subsidies may also consult the Fortis Bank Internet website dedicated to EU subsidies and receive a free electronic bulletin.

Experts appreciated the product offered by Fortis Bank because of its consulting services supporting the loan origination process. BusinessWeek's editorial staff included Fortis Bank's loan facilitating EU subsidies acquisition in the Year's Portfolio. The Year's Portfolio, apart from the Best Product, includes: the Best Investment Fund, the Best Financial Institution, the Best Mortgage Loan, Open Pension Fund, Innovation and the Best Financial Manager.

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