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Call Center

Is an integrated information telephone service that offers you easy access to information on the Bank's offering and convenient and easy management of your account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Call Center includes:

  • consultant services rendered by the Bank employees, the Call Center Consultants, and
  • Bank-o-phone - a self-service, automated telephone service operating based upon prerecorded voice messages.

The Call Center is available under the telephone number 801 367 847 from any place in Poland and under (+48 22) 566 9300 when you call using a cell phone or from abroad.

Who may use the Call Center services?

The service is addressed to BNP Paribas Bank Polska SA Clients:

  • enterprises (holders of current accounts, auxiliary accounts, etc.), and
  • individuals (holders of personal accounts),

as well as for persons who are not the Bank's Clients.

What does the Call Center offers?

The scope of the Call Center services includes:

  • information about Client account balances and transactions carried out on these accounts, loans contracted, term deposits and payment cards;
  • placing and breaking term deposits;
  • activating payment cards and also their temporary or permanent blocking;
  • effecting domestic transfers;
  • creation of a database of accounts in favor of which you will make payments;
  • making, modifying and canceling standing orders;
  • changing the daily limit of transactions effected by a Visa Electron card.

All the parties interested, including persons who are not the Bank's Clients, may obtain information about:

  • exchange rates,
  • the range of products and services offered by the Bank,
  • account and term deposit interest rates
  • addresses of the Bank's offices.

What is the cost of using the Call Center?

The system is free of charge for individual and institutional Clients.

How to use the Call Center?

The use of the Call Center is very easy. When you get a connection, all instructions are given using the telephone keys. You are guided all the time by a voice heard in the receiver which informs you which key activates which function. By choosing a specific combination of keys you may also contact the Call Center consultant.

How to get access to the Call Center?

The Call center services are rendered available to new Users in the following manner:

  • you will be provided with access to the Call Center services when you place an Application in the Bank's Branch. Then the Bank calls the User using the telephone number indicated in the Application, and obtains additional data to verify the User's identity. There is a possibility of limiting access to specific services for the User - to this end, the Account Holder should select the limited access option in the Application.
  • You can also apply for the Call Center services by telephone through a Consultant, upon providing additional data to verify your identity. However, in this case, you will get access to a limited scope of services only, without the possibility of effecting any transactions.

If you are a new User of the Call Center services you will receive your User number (given by the Bank) and determine your own PIN code (the PIN code is chosen by the User).

What security measures are used?

  • Clients are identified and authenticated by User identity numbers and PIN codes. For selected activities, Clients are required to provide additional data to enable the Bank to verify their identity. If an incorrect PIN Code is entered three times in a row, or if an additional User authentication by a Consultant is unsuccessful three times in a row, then access to the Call Center services for a given User is blocked;
  • For Users for whom the limited access option has been selected in the Application, transfer orders may be placed only in favor of predefined account numbers, indicated in the Application for defining the list of transfer beneficiaries;
  • The Bank determines daily limits of transactions that may be effected through the Consultant:
    • limit of transactions which do not need authorization - in the event the total amount of instructions placed on a given day exceeds the limit determined, an additional authorization for the instruction is required (telephone contact with the Client at the number indicated in the Application for providing the Call Center services);
    • the ceiling for transactions effected through the Consultant.

Technical remarks

The Bank-o-phone may be accessed only using the touch-tone telephone.

How to check whether your telephone uses tones or pulses?

  • In touch-tone dialing, each telephone key pressed gives a sound which is different for each digit,
  • In pulse dialing, you hear a series of taps - pulses in the receiver, whose number depends on the digit selected on the telephone keyboard.

Some telephones have a PULSE/TONE switch. Then, even if your telephone switchboard requires pulse dialing, an easy switch to the touch-tone system is possible.

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